About Us


Commex Group Manufacturing Inc. is commited to a quality management system that makes quality a basic business principle. The strategy is based on customer satisfaction achieved by meeting our internal and customer's requirements.

Conformance to our customer's requirements and expectations is the responsibility of all employees at Commex Group manufacturing Inc..

Quality systems, procedures and practices are developed, reviewed and changed with participation of employees in a continuous improvement effort.

The Commex Group Manufacturing Inc. goal is to continue meeting world class standards for mutual benefit of our customers and employees


Commex group manufacturing inc was established in 1991, when the current owners took over an existing custom sheet metal shop with great growth potential.

The company quickly increased it’s customer base and added a powder coating line to better serve it’s clientele. within 3 years commex added a wire and tubing department to offer custom wire displays to a new base of clients.

Today, Commex has established an extensive and diverse base of highly satisfied, repeat customers that includes many well known, high profile companies - We want you to discover us and see what we can do for you when you partner with us in the future together.


Management and staff at all levels will participate in quality assurance
activities as incorporated into daily functional requirements. 

No product will be shipped to the customer until it's quality and conformance to customer specifications can be assured.  

Management will assess the effectiveness of the quality system on a regular basis and direct internal efforts towards continual improvement.